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Our guides represent a highly reputable team of experts whose vast on-the-water experience informs their opinions of our products. Some of our guides have over 1000 days aboard a NewWater boat, so you can afford to listen to what they say about the performance, durability, and ease of use of our shallow water skiffs. We owe a great deal to the honest feedback that these professionals provide us, and we endeavor to incorporate their recommendations into our finished creations. We encourage you to contact them for their assessments of their own boat-and-motor combinations, and to experience a NewWater skiff in the hands of a seasoned professional.

ur Texas NewWater guides have assisted the winners of the flyfishing division of the Texas International Fishing Tournament in recent years. In 2013, the clients of Capts. Rick Hartman, Randy Cawlfield (guiding his son Truett), and Scott Sparrow took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, respectively. In 2014, the clients of Capts. Randy Cawlfield (again guiding his son Truett) and Skipper Ray took 2nd and 3rd. We’re proud of our guides, and we often hear that they are proud of the skiffs that help them guide their clients to success. And in 2015, Rick Hartman's client took 1st prize! We have the best guides representing our skiffs on the Texas coast!


Capt. Jack Campbell ————————— Stilt
Skinny Water Fly Fishing 361-920-4111
Seadrift, Texas

Jr. Cano————————————-——Ibis
Arroyo City, Texas

Cawlfield on Stilt
Capt. Randy Cawlfield------------------------Stilt
Arroyo City, Texas

Capt. David Cuellar-------------------Curlew

Phil Dopson ——————————————Stilt
(631) 772-3987
Port Aransas, Texas

Bill Hagen, Jr.------------------------Stilt
(956) 792-8482
South Padre/Port Mansfield, Texas

Capt. Rick Hartman------------------- Stilt
Arroyo City, Texas

Hector Lopez
(361) 219-2982
Baffin Bay

Xavier Lopez---------------------Ibis
(956) 244-3829
Arroyo City, Texas

Capt. Jaime Lopez–––––––––––– Ibis
Rio Hondo/Arroyo City, Texas
(956) 245-2091

Chuck Naiser------------Stilt
Rockport, Texas
(361) 729-9314

Capt. John Pilmer-----------Stilt
Rio Hondo, Texas

Capt. Skipper Ray–––––––––––– Ibis
Island Outfitters South Padre Island, TX
(956) 433-9935


Capt. Scott Sparrow–––––––––– Stilt
Arroyo City, Texas
(956) 367-2337

Capt. Roel Villanueva–––––––– Curlew
Arroyo City, Texas

Capt. Billy Trimble ––––––––––––Stilt
Trimble Fly Fishing Rockport, Texas
(361) 205-1266


Jack Hanson–––––––––––– Ibis
Rotunda, Florida
(941) 697-9948 


NewWater continues to innovate enhancements for its skiffs. Here's the space-saving Rear Hatch Liftout insert, a new feature available for the Stilt!


See the fantastic new video that features the NewWater Stilt, by NewWater owner Randy Caldawaller!

If you have purchased a pre-owned NewWater boat, and have not been aboard our mandatory on-the-water seatrial/boat demonstration, please arrange this service by contacting us.

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