Recent Tournament Wins for NewWater Captains

In the 2015 Poco Bueno tournament, Corby Robertson––a Stilt owner––won 1st place in the Fly Division.

In the 2015 Texas International Fishing Tournament (TIFT), Ron Olsen took first place in the flyfishing division,  guided by Rick Hartman, who owns a Stilt.

We also had the API fishing tournament, Fred Lozano on his Ibis. They took Grand Champion and 2nd place Red Fish Division, and won $10,400.00! (Fred reports this one of the biggest tournaments down south?)

McHardy wins 2nd place

Robert McHardy wins 2nd place on his Curlew at Majesty Outdoors Tournament!!


NewWater continues to innovate enhancements for its skiffs. Here's the space-saving Rear Hatch Liftout insert, a new feature available for the Stilt!


See the fantastic new video that features the NewWater Stilt, by NewWater owner Randy Caldawaller!

If you have purchased a pre-owned NewWater boat, and have not been aboard our mandatory on-the-water seatrial/boat demonstration, please arrange this service by contacting us.

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